Our First Family Holiday- Lanzarote

We’ve recently come back from our first family holiday, we spent a week in Lanzarote at my grandparents lovely villa over there.

We started the holiday by spending the night before at the Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa near Otley. Luke surprised me with this for my birthday, it was a lovely treat before our holiday and meant it was easier for the next morning as the hotel is only 5 minutes from the airport.

Chevin Country Spa Hotel

I was so apprehensive about the airport & flight with Jack as I didn’t know how he would be on the plane for 4 and a half hours. The airport was a breeze and he loved all the attention he got. On the flight he slept for about 2 and a half hours & so did me and Luke.

The rest of the flight was spent feeding him and playing with him. Although it was hard work being in such a confined space with a baby who wants to be on the move. However before we went I bought some small toys from budget shops ( home bargains, pound stretchers etc ) & charity shops, got some wrapping paper and wrapped them up.

We bought about 5 little toys and 2 little picture books and gradually throughout the flight unwrapped them with Jack. He loved playing with the wrapping paper, seeing a new toy and playing with it. This was also handy as it meant he had toys for the villa when we got there.

We flew with Jet2 and I have to say they were so helpful with us and Jack throughout the flight! They kept making sure we were ok, made a fuss of jack & gave us a bag for rubbish when we got on the plane. I would highly recommend!!

Once we arrived it only took about 20 minutes drive to get to the villa and we got there about 8pm. We got some dinner and put Jack to bed.

The next day we had a lovely chilled day just in and around the pool, getting some sun and spending some time with my grandparents. Jack absolutely loves the water and is so confident in the pool (he has been going to water babies which he loves!!)

Jack swimsuit

Jack and luke swimsuit

It was so handy going to the villa as it meant when Jack had his naps we didn’t have to sit in a hotel room with him, we could go outside & in the pool as our bedroom was right by the pool. Also having a full kitchen, washing machine etc was definitely helpful with a baby!! Always a plus when you don’t go home with loads of washing to do!

3 of us poool

We went to the lovely restaurant Amura at Puerto Calero Marina for my 21st. It was gorgeous by the marina & delicious food. The waitress even took Jack to look at the boats whilst I got to eat my steak (not far, near our table haha).They are all so great with children over there, everywhere we went they made a fuss of him, gave him a balloon, or wanted to take him.

puerto calero

jack dressed up mea

The rest of the week was spent either going out for meals, going round the shops and spending time at the villa. We decided to have quite a chilled week not doing too much as we needed a week of a bit of down time as a family.

I say a ‘chilled week’… more like my husband laid on the sunbed all holiday whilst I ran round like a headless chicken after Jack!

I feel like I need a holiday!!

Puerto Calero

We are going back at the end of January so we are going to do a lot more activities then as Jack will be 1, so will be able to do more with him. Although, as long as you take him anywhere with food- he’s happy!

Jack eating

The plane home was not as easy as the way there. Jack slept for about 10 minutes, the rest of the flight he wanted to be up and about & did not want to be sat on my lap ( he made this very clear, whilst shouting the plane down!!)

YES, we were that family that everyone was staring at.

He wasn’t crying, just has a shout that he does when he doesn’t want to be doing something.

I spent most of the journey walking him up and down the plane whilst everyone coo’d over him (which he loved). However we had quite a bit of turbulence so I had to keep sitting back down. The poor lady who was sat on the aisle seat must have hated us, she had to keep getting out of her seat every 5 minutes!!

I have to say it was a long 4 hours, however he did well as its not ideal for a baby who is always on the move to have to sit for a long time.

We are glad we’ve done the first holiday so now we know what to expect next time & hopefully the next plane trip will be better ( it better be as were planning on going to Australia in February 2020!!) Your probably thinking, what are you thinking taking, what will be a 2 year old on a 24 hour flight- i know!!

what the hell was i thinking

Have you been on holiday this year?? Or have you got any planned?

I would love to hear what your experiences are with holidays & planes with your little ones!



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