Top 5 Products we couldn’t have survived without!

Becoming a parent can be very daunting, you can end up overthinking everything, including what you need to buy for this little person. Throughout your pregnancy you’ll see so many different products advertised, luring you in to buy things that you ‘think’ you’ll need. However you don’t need everything they’re encouraging you to buy! We bought various items that we have either never used or only used a couple of times.

In this blog I am going to be sharing with you my personal top 5 items we bought that we couldn’t have lived without these past 9 months!

This snuzpod bedside crib is amazing, you can have it attached to the side of your bed or on its own in your room. We didn’t have it attached to the bed, but had it right next to the bed, it allows you to sleep close to your baby without being in the same bed. There is also a zip down wall making it so much easier for night feeds, or even to just have a peek on your baby in the night rather than having to get up. The crib also has a rock-able stand which came in handy getting Jack to sleep some nights!

It is designed until the baby is 6 months old or can sit unaided. We kept jack in the snuzpod until he was about 5 months.

Ergobaby 360 position carrier

Ergobaby 360 carrier

me and jac

The ergobaby has been brilliant, I couldn’t praise it enough. It can be used from newborn with the newborn insert until the child is 45lbs. It has 4 different carry positions, front carry facing inwards & outwards, side carry & back carry. It also has a wide back strap to give extra back support. You can even breastfeed in it, although I haven’t tried.

Jack was & still is a clingy baby, he loves to be held. This can make it tricky to get stuff done.We have used the ergobaby since he was about 3 weeks old, it meant I was still able to get my housework done & he loved the movement of me walking around.

Simplifix Isofix Car Seat Base


This simplifix isofix car seat base has been a lifesaver for us, we have a small 3 door car so getting a car seat in and out faffing around with seatbelts was not ideal, especially straight after having a baby, climbing in the back of the car isn’t easy. But since having this car seat base it has made life so much easier, you literally have to just place the car seat on the base, click it down & done!

The base also has four indicators that show green when the car seat is correctly installed, guaranteeing a safe and secure fit. For extra safety, there is an easily-adjusted leg with a green indicator to show contact with the floor.

*This specific car seat base is only compatible with the Silver Cross simplicity car seat, however you can get other brands for different car seats*

JoJo Maman Bebe Breastfeeding Cover

JoJo Maman BeBe Feeding Scarf

This is one of my most used favourite products ever! I am not the most confident feeder in public so I take it everywhere with me. Its also handy for if you’re not wearing the most practical top for feeding. Jack feeds a lot better whilst under the cover in public as it stops him getting distracted by whats going on around us & trying to twist around, stand up or hang upside down whilst not letting go of my nipple.

Its super soft & stretchy and you can also wear it as a scarf. I even used it on my wedding day whilst feeding at our wedding breakfast & at the reception! It certainly didn’t go with my wedding dress.

Safety 1st Swivel Baby Bath Seat

bath seat

I personally love this Safety 1st swivel bath seat, it gives babies added support, so they can sit up in the bath. It also allows you to keep your hands free for bathing your baby or grabbing the towel from the side. It is suitable from 6 months.

Jack loves this bath seat, he can play with the rotating ball and sit and splash whilst being secure in his seat, rather than me trying to hold him incase he slips.

I would love to know what your favourite product is.

What product couldn’t you have lived without for your babies?



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